I'm guessing that if you're hear, your either just looking around or looking to report something.

If your here to report something, please make sure that this thing is really important. We don't want people spamming us, it gets really annoying.

So if you have confirmed that it's really-honest-to-goodness genuially important, fill out this form, and post it one one of the admins talk page. (See the list at the end for a list of admins)

Report Template


What is the Problem? (Underline the following that apply to your issue)

  • Someone is abusing his/her power (If so, please provide proof)
  • There is someone posting inappropriate and/or banned things
  • There is a glitch with ___________________ (Please give an example)
  • Someone is spamming _____________________ (Provide proof)
  • Other:

Date Posted:

Please note that the admins are usually very busy, and it might take a while for us to respond. So please don't post millions of reports over the same thing if we don't fix the problem after a second you have posted.

List of Admins:

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