The people here on Fangirls & Fanboys Wiki are here to expolre their interests, and we want everyone to have fun, so there are a rules you must follow, to ensure that people are having a good time here and will return again.

1) Everyone has different things they like. So don't go picking on that person who doesn't like the same things you like, or likes something you don't like. Remember, you like things other people don't too.

2) The admins, chat mods, rollbackers and founder are in charge. Don't go spamming them or bad-mouthing them just 'cause they kicked you or gave you a ban. If they did, you probably deserved it. They are the ones in charge here.

3) If you are given a position of power, do not abuse it. It will eventually be found out, and you will be punished. Depending on what you have done, your punishment can range from demotion to a permanent ban, but that is only for extreme cases.

4) This is a place where people can have fun. Respect them, and be nice. If someone ticks you off, don't through an all-out internet temper tantrum. Seriously. It'll get annoying and people will probably ignore you.

5) Enjoy the wiki! Like I said, this is a place where people can have fun. Meet some people, support your fandom. Make sure you enjoy it here!


1) Take care with your power on the wiki. You were appointed because someone felt that you deserved this spot. Please don't make us be wrong and have us take away your rights.

2) Be fair. You can't kick someone just because you don't like them. Seriously. I'm sure a ton of people like you, but there are some that probably don't. So don't go kicking who you don't like. You don't like them, fine. Just don't use your powers for your own reasons.

3) Try to be happy and nice to everyone on this wiki. It's going to give this site a bad rep if every admin/mod/rollbacker is yelling at you for incorrect grammar. Be nice. You're there to help the wiki, not destroy it.

1) Any content that is deemed inappropriate will be deleted. We don't care if it's super, super important you have that there. It will be deleted.

2) No swearing/spamming in chat. You will be kicked out of chat the first 3 times, then banned for 24-hours, then banned completely from chat on the fifth offense.


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