Welcome, fellow fan! This is the place where you can meet different people that have the same obssessions interests as you. Join fanbases, chat with people, write fanficts. Basically, do anything that relates to your idol!


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The Hunger Games Fandom is a fandom for the fans of Suzanne Collin's famous book series: The Hunger Games Trilogy.

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We have a lot of things we would like you to follow, but since it's going to get pretty boring to read it, we'll shorten it to our top five rules you must follow.

Everyone has different things they like. So don't go picking on that person who doesn't like the same things you like, or likes something you don't like. Remember, you like things other people don't too.

The admins, chat mods, rollbackers and founder are in charge. Don't go spamming them or bad-mouthing them just 'cause they kicked you or gave you a ban. If they did, you probably deserved it.

If you are given a position of power, do not abuse it. It will eventually be found out, and you will be punished.

This is a place where people can have fun. Respect them, and be nice. If someone ticks you off, don't through an all-out internet temper tantrum. Seriously. It'll get annoying and people will probably ignore you.

Enjoy the wiki! Like I said, this is a place where people can have fun. Meet some people, support your fandom. Make sure you enjoy it here!

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