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What is this wiki?Edit

This is the wiki for all things fan!

Make fanfics, join fandoms, participate in "Fan Wars", and other.

Who can make fandoms?Edit

Anyone! As long as there is no duplicates, you are free to make any fandom you want.

What kind of fandoms can I make?Edit

You can make a fandom on anything! It can be on cats, dogs, TVs, basically anything you wish. Remember, if you want to create a fandom, please add the category "Fandom" to the page.

To create a fandom, make an article here: Create a Page

What about fanfics? Can I do those too?Edit

Yes, of course! Fanfics (or Fanfictions) are stories made by you, that are sort of like a spin-off from a series. Create a blog post if you want to do a fanfic.

How Can I Lock my Fandom?Edit

Just leave a message on one of our admins wall, and we will try to lock your page as soon as possible.

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